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Hi! I am Sofia

I am so glad you stopped by!

My goal is two folds: not only to guide you in reclaiming your health but also to ignite a newfound passion for home cooking, infusing joy and balance into the journey toward improved well-being.

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Certified Health Nut,
Matcha-Fuelled Running Mama 

Raised in the vibrant culture of Morocco, I was steeped in the art of home cooking, farmer's markets, and aromatic spices from a young age. My path took an unexpected twist when, at 19, I moved to the United States and encountered health challenges following a shift in my diet and lifestyle. This experience sparked a deep fascination with the transformative potential of whole foods and the importance of self-care.


The seismic shift during the COVID era prompted a personal evolution, leading me to enroll in a health program to become a certified health coach. After 15 years navigating the corporate landscape in Dubai with my family, I've returned to Washington D.C. to open my own practice, driven by my passion for holistic health and my commitment to helping others discover the profound impact of nourishing both body and soul.

My health coaching approach is based on the latest science and research, with a foundation in using real food as medicine, to heal and balance the body from the inside out. 


It is NOT about restriction, diets or rigid lifestyles. It’s about eating more of the right foods for you and making little adjustments in your daily life that will give you more energy, focus, and a sense of calm. I strongly believe that food should not only delight the taste buds but also contribute to overall health.

My promise is that I'll provide you with sustainable tools and solutions tailored to fit into your lifestyle. Whether it be losing weight, balancing hormones, restoring your gut health, combating brain fog or navigating the complexities of autoimmune disorders, you will get the personalised guidance you need to achieve your goals in this nutritionally confusing world. My objective is to bring your body into harmonious balance, so you can operate at optimal level.

You Can Say Goodbye to Bad Health Habits!

What if the problem all along was misinformation and lacking a system?

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